It's not all just black and white.

Amsterdam Wolfgang

It's not all just black and white.

Finally banks is no longer an illegal immigrant! 

Just kidding its actualy me who is now legal! #greencard

Animals suffer horrifically and don’t want to die to be your meal - there is no such thing as “humane” meat… ignoring this sad reality won’t change a thing. Please live compassionately & consider transitioning to veganism.
Honey is for baby bees… not for you.

Syngenta, a massive pesticide company has just petitioned the U.S. government to increase the legal limit for its bee-killing pesticides by 40,000%.That’s right. Fourty. Thousand. Percent.Bees are already facing a massive global die-off. This could be a death sentence for millions more bees.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is accepting public input on the decision for the next 27 days. We need to use that time to organize beekeepers and the public to speak out against this devastating bee-killing proposal. Can you chip in to help fight for the bees?

Please, share and donate. Without bees we’re doomed.

Smarten the fuck up. Donate at least $1.
15. September 2014

As I walked the rocks turned to shells, the soil to sand, the rats to seabirds. I unsheathed my short board and charged toward the unknown blue. As I fell through, my body became weightless… and my hangover left me. 

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New Track! Stoked for everyone to hear it!!

Keep your ears peeled for a new track “Haunted Past” later tonight!

I’m in the process of making a polished demo for this song. A friend of mine who was helping me with some mixing described it as dirty beach music lol. That doesn’t come through as much in this recording but I liked the description. 

This is a track that was taken from one long recording session I did. It was a really sunny afternoon and I decided to go over some new and old songs and play them raw. It felt like I was sharing them with the sun. This is the outcome. Some Parts are really good, and some really bad. It’s raw and honest.